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NANCY VEDDER-SHULTS | Guide to Divination Techniques

Where spiritual people tune in to their inner wisdom
To live the most vital, loving lives possible
With passion and confidence.

At the center of your being you have the answer;
You know who you are and you know what you want.

M.J. Ryan

It’s time to delve into your deepest knowing!
To awaken the life you want to live!

Nancy Vedder Shults singing at the Circle Sanctuary Green Spirit Festival

Welcome to The World is Your Oracle with Nancy Vedder-Shults. I’m a writer, speaker, and workshop facilitator. Most importantly, I’m a woman who empowers others to empower themselves.

My work enables people to tap into their deepest knowing, so they can live the biggest, most vital, most loving lives possible. When I listen to the participants in my workshops and classes share their truths, I’m amazed at their intuition. They know who they are and what they want. Working with me, they make breakthroughs, find their passion, and begin to glow from the inside out. What they find is practical spiritual wisdom to realize their purpose in life.

Personal development is important to all of us. We all want to become the most fully realized version of ourselves, in touch with our spirituality and creating the world we want to live in. We want to reach our full potential and live out our own truths. And we want to do it with less stress in our lives, greater confidence in our choices, and more love!

A Passion for Women's Spirituality

I’m especially passionate about helping women awaken their intuition. Because as we each get in touch with the mystical realm of insight within us, our lives become more...

  • • VITAL
  • • LOVING
  • • WHOLE

Is it time for you to explore your inner wisdom?

Author of The World is Your Oracle

The chaos of life today keeps us ungrounded and out of touch with our own reality. Learning to tap into your inner wisdom and discovering how to navigate the path ahead is a mystical practice rooted in surprisingly practical techniques.

That’s where The World is Your Oracle comes in. Taught in my workshops, the 40 divination techniques in this book awaken you to your own wise guidance. Tune in, look inside, and hear your still, small voice.

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Our lives can be imbued with a richer significance as a result of being brushed by the mystery of divination… open at any moment to our inner knowing and the wisdom of the universe.

The World is Your Oracle, p. 9

Workshops and Classes for Spiritual Growth

Nancy Leading Women of Wisdom Workshop

Participants in my workshops and classes access their deep wisdom in transformative ways. They have plunged head first into the realm of inspiration, finding pragmatic answers and creative solutions to problems and challenges that may have been stumping them for years. And sometimes, it has been pure magic.

Because when you access your deep knowing, you begin to live grounded in your own truth.

Want to learn more? Check out my schedule of upcoming workshops or try one of the techniques on my blog.